How to get to your Mooring?

From Southdown to a Millbrook Mooring is 2500 miles!  Yes Keith took the long way round to his mooring last year.

“Watershed”, a Westerley Konsort Duo spent the winter at Voyager and was launched in April 2011.

She arrived on her mooring in August, having turned left out of Plymouth Sound and going the long way round the top of Scotland.

Keith Bousfield [ our newest committee member] explained that he did not want his nice new coat of antifouling to get any Millbrook mud on it and thought the best way to avoid this was to keep afloat. It worked too, she was dried out on the Camel Estuary near Padstow after 15 weeks and was still clean with the mearest trace of weed and not a single barnacle! 12 weeks on a Millbrook mooring restored her to the usual condition although the barnacles were smaller than last year.

The weather in the north was “disappointing” but it was much the same everywhere so she might have spent much of the time on the mooring anyway, which would have been preferable to several Scottish anchorages in Force 9/10.

Highlight of the voyage? The sight of Rame Head as she approached her mooring at last.

Quite a feat.