Several months ago the MLMA Board approached the Environment Agency with a view to removing the steps on the slip adjacent to the sluice gates. The steps have always proved troublesome when using a car to launch or recover a boat and several members have commented on this. The Agency proposed an inviting offer asking the MLMA to contribute only 10% of the costs. As well as removing the steps they agreed to lay a non-slip surface adjacent to the railings.

In early November 2012 work commenced.Wooden blocks had to be removed with a chain saw and the existing concrete prepared for the new surface. A great deal of drilling and dust!

Many thanks to the Environment Agency who provided the major part of the funds and to David Shorten and the Agency workers for carrying out the work.






 The contribution from the MLMA has since been waived.

A letter of thanks has been sent on behalf of the MLMA and its members.