Boat Watch Scheme

Steve Creese is acting as Coordinator for a Boat Watch scheme.

He will sending out an application form and explanatory booklets to all members soon.
Please give the correspondence consideration as it is in our interests to increase our security. The leaflet includes reference to a ‘marking’ company  [] which you may like to investigate.

Application Forms can be returned to Steve at 34, Molesworth Terrace, Millbrook.

Beach Area near DAM

During 2011 the MLMA Board were in contact with the Environment Agency with a view to clearing the beach area near the Dam. Over the past years this site had become a dumping ground for old trailers and boats. The area was a mess to put it frankly and a health and safety hazard.

Boat owners were duly warned [see notice above ]. All unclaimed usable tenders were moved off the site. The Environment Agency work detail arrived in July and cleared the site of all remaining hulks and debris and left the area tidy. They did an excellent job free of charge. The MLMA now have an annual Lease on the site and intend not to let it deteriorate to its previous state.

Stainless Steel railings , fashioned by Tony Edwards, were installed using our own labour.These will enable tender owners to secure their boats. A notice was erected warning members of the public that only licenced craft would be allowed on the site. The grass will be cut regularly.

Please contact our Mooring Officer if you wish to keep a tender on the site.


Buoy Identification

July 2011

During a survey of the Lake in 2010 it emerged that only about 35% of buoys were labelled. In order to rectify this and enable the MLMA to administer the Lake in a more efficient manner [ eg. tracing owners of breakaway boats ] each license holder will be issued with a small identification buoy already labelled with the mooring number.

Notices were issued recently asking members to pick up their buoys from Patrick Keefe, Mooring Officer, who is responsible for distributing them.

Many members have done so and the buoys are appearing on the Lake. The Board appeal to all members to cooperate and make sure their buoys are collected and attached to their mooring.

For pickup please contact Patrick at

All unidentified buoys will subsequently be removed from the Lake.

This policy was instituted after years of asking for proper labelling of moorings.