AGM Minutes 2012

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at 7.30pm on 12th December 2012 in Millbrook Village Hall 

The Chairman welcomed and thanked those present for attending.

Board Members Present: Charles Clements [Chair], Bruce Selkirk[Treasurer], Patrick Keefe[Mooring Officer], Bryan Luxford[Secretary], Steve Creese[Parish], Tony Edwards[Fishermen], Keith Bousfield[Foreshore Officer].

Members present: 20 voting members, many with their partners.

Apologies Received: Bernard Jones, Robert Wingate, Justin Elworthy, James Buss.

Chairman’s Report :  

Charles introduced members to Keith Bousfield, a new Board member co-opted in 2012, before giving an account of the Company’s activities throughout the year.

The Enforcement Order notice that Southdown Marina received from Carodon Council in 2011  resulted in an appeal which Southdown lost. The removal of the illegal pontoon complex is nearing completion.

The Environment Agency has completed work on the Dam slip after the Board requested that the steps be removed. This was carried out at no cost to the MLMA.

The Company is now an affiliated member of the Royal Yachting Association.

Board members have represented the MLMA at various meetings with the Duchy, Marine Management Organisation and Harbour Authority  during the year.

Peter Walker was thanked for rescuing the MLMA website after it had been hacked and all photographs lost.

There have been 2 instances of boat arson on the Lake involving teenagers. Two small yachts were destroyed. The fire brigade attended.

Extensive Lake inspections have been carried out. We now have a more accurate record of the location of Lake Moorings and a map was on display at the meeting.

A new post within the Board of Directors was created at our April meeting. Keith Bousfield became the Shore Officer, responsible for regular inspection of the foreshore and reporting unlicenced encroachments.

Patrick ,who has been Mooring Officer for 11 years is moving to France in 2013. On behalf of the membership Charles thanked Patrick for his hard work, humour, diligence and occasional firmness when required, then wished Mary and Patrick a wonderful time in France.

Minutes of Previous AGM 2011:

The minutes have been available on the website since January 2012 for members to read. Keith Jackson-Brown proposed that the minutes should be accepted as a true record, John Horsley seconded the proposal, the meeting unanimously approved.

Matters arising:

No matters were raised.

Secretary’s Report:

Bryan encouraged the membership to consult the website[]. AGM minutes, Duchy Lease clauses and news are presented. Photographs of Lake Life are prominent.

Charles administers the website and welcomes ideas. The duties of secretary continue as usual. The Board has regular monthly meetings, Charles attended all 12, Bruce 11, Keith and Bryan 10, Patrick 9, Steve 8, Justin and James both work shifts and attended 7 and 5 respectively. Robert  has struggled this year with his health and managed 4 and Tony 3 because of his fishing and work away. Bryan empathised that decisions made by the Board are reached only after serious discussion and research and usually are decided unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:

Bruce distributed colour-coded spreadsheets to members present that gave clear details of the financial position of the Association. Our thanks once again go to our fellow member Chris Knott for preparing the annual accounts for presenting to Companies House. The MLMA is guided by the Company’s “ Memorandum of Association” and the accompanying “ Articles of Association”  The following amendments were proposed.

Changes to the names of different bank accounts. The terms ‘Admin fund’ and ‘Community Fund’ to be dropped  and replaced by the names of the bank accounts held which accurately reflect how the finances are managed.

Bruce proposed the changes and Kathy Boston seconded the proposal and the meeting unanimously agreed.

Mooring Officer’s Report:

Patrick gave his last report before moving to France. The main item to report was the completion of the Lake chart showing details of all mooring positions. Board members spent the summer compiling the data and Patrick them for their support. He also thanked the membership as a whole for making his work as a mooring officer an experience that he has thoroughly enjoyed. Justin Elworthy is taking over as Mooring Officer to be assisted by James Buss.

Shore Officer’s Report:

Keith has investigated the status of the ‘Rights of Way’ between Ancarva and Foss Quay and is satisfied [having studied files held by the Parish Clerk ] that this is not and is unlikely to ever be a ‘Legal Right of Way’

This means that the MLMA has no fear of legal proceedings from anyone who may object to moorings along this part of the foreshore. However, we should still act as good neighbours and not obstruct the path with mooring lines. One vessel does cause a problem at present and the Board is trying to deal with this.

Any Other Business:

  1. Graham Ayers asked if we had visiting vessels within our Lake and how long could a visitor anchor on the mud.? Charles answered by saying that  the Plymouth Harbour Authority licence under which we operate specifies that Millbrook Lake is NOT designated as a small boat anchorage .QHM recommends 48 hours for visitors. The Board keeps monitoring the situation and acts if someone overstays his or her welcome.
  2. Peter Lillywhite asked the Board if it could look into the possibility of having a Visitors Mooring[s] within the Lake. Charles promised that at a future meeting the matter would be discussed and a conclusion reached.
  3. Sally Clements remarked how nice it would be if the Lake had a Visitors Pontoon.
  4. Roddy Elworthy raised the question of the contribution made to the Community Hall sewage project. Charles clarified the position and empathised that this matter had been dealt with at the previous AGM
  5. Alec Elworthy asked to see the boundaries of our various fundus areas. The Moorings Map was on display after the meeting which clearly showed the historic boundaries.


Election of Board Members:

Roddy Elworthy proposed that the existing Board should be re-elected on mass. This proposal was seconded by Neil Harvey. The members present voted unanimously.

Charles reminded those present that there was a vacancy on the Board if any member wishes to volunteer.

Charles closed the Meeting closed at 8.32pm , wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and inviting members to socialise with drinks and mince pies. The proceedings finally came to an end at 10.30pm