AGM Minutes 2019

Millbrook Lake Moorings Association Ltd.

Notes from Annual General Meeting held in Village Hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday 13th November 2019.

Present; Total of 20 members, Board members; Ken Banks (Chairman), Peter Walker (Treasurer), Bryan Luxford (Secretary), Bob Vincent (Parish Council Representative), Paul Elliott, Rob Wingate and Justin Elworthy.

Apologies; Tony Edwards, Paul Chubb, Matt Black and Andy Negus.

Ken opened the meeting by asking members to accept the minutes from the previous AGM. Bruce Selkirk proposed and John Horsley seconded the proposal that the minutes were a true record. The meeting agreed.

Chairman’s Report.

The Association’s activities over the previous 11 months have been hampered. The projects that the Board wished to do on the fundus, which is managed by MLMA, were found to be too expensive for the funds we have. The long term liability of some projects the Board considered would be too much of a financial drain annually. Although large increase in mooring fees would make many projects possible, the Board did not think that solution would be popular with the members. The Environment Agency continue to be camped out at the Dam slipway, making it impossible for work to commence on the grass area where tenders are stored. The MLMA Board intend to have this area scraped and spread with stones, then to fit more posts to attach tenders to.

Ken thanked the Board members for their support over the past year and was sorry that Matt Black wished not to be considered for re-election due to the pressure of work.

Secretary’s Report.

Bryan welcomed the members who had made the effort to come on such a wet evening. The usual date for the AGM is the second week in December but the date was changed away from Christmas in the hope that more members could attend. Also the financial year ends on 31st December and any financial adjustments an AGM wished to make would leave little time for transactions to be completed within that year.

The usual secretary business has continued over the year with little change. Notes being kept of our meetings and our 6 monthly Lake Inspections to comply with our Duchy Lease being the main business for the Association.

Eight Board meetings have been held since the last AGM,Bryan attended all, Paul Chubb all but one, Ken, Peter and Bob 6, Tony and Rob 4, James and Justin 3 and Matt who has now stepped down 2.

Treasurer’s Report.

Peter had distributed to the members present an easily read Financial Summary year ending 31/12/18, a pie chart showing proportions of reserves and a Balance Sheet.

A full set of accounts has been lodged with Companies House and can be downloaded from the MLMA web site.

Chris Knott was thanked once again for presenting the accounts to Companies House on our behalf.

Mooring Officer’s Report.

James was unable to attend the meeting though Peter read a report that James had prepared.

Swift License payments and using bank transfers made mooring processing far less time consuming, James thanked members for their co-operation.

As a matter of course James asked all members to check their vessel and contact details on their mooring license as it makes identification much easier if there happens to be a breakaway. James also asked members to check; mooring chains, shackles, ropes and identification of boat and buoys.

Issues Raised by Members.

There were none.

Any Other Business


Election Of Board Members.

Ken informed the meeting that there were no new members wishing to serve on the Board, and that the current members were happy to be re-elected. (minus Matt Black as detailed)

Bruce Selkirk proposed that the Board should be re-elected, Kathy Boston seconded that proposal.

The meeting agreed.

The meeting closed at 8.12pm.

The members then stayed to chat a while over some refreshments.