AGM Minutes 2017

Millbrook Lake moorings Association Ltd.

Minutes of A.G.M. held in Village Hall on 6th December 2017.

Ken Banks opened the meeting at 7.34pm. 24 members attended.

Board Members; Ken Banks (Chairman), Peter Walker (Treasurer), Tony Edwards (Fisherman), James Buss (Moorings), Bryan Luxford (Secretary), Rob Wingate, Paul Elliott and Justin Elworthy.

Apologies; Peter Lillywhite, Kathy Boston and Jenny Gibbens (Parish Rep.)

The minutes of the previous AGM were accepted as a true record.

Proposed by Bruce Selkirk seconded Eric Ankers.

Chairmans Report

Ken welcomed those present and gave a resume of the Boards activities over the past year. The post of Treasurer has been carried out over the last year most efficiently, by Peter Walker. Councilor Jenny Gibbens has joined us as the Parish Representative, leaving two vacant posts on the Board.

During the year the Board have; continued to be in discussion with the Environment Agency to no avail, continue to do two Lake Inspections a year as written in our Duchy Lease, Ken attends regular Port of Plymouth Marine Liaison Committee meeting as a MLMA representative, QHM (web site has completed a survey of all private and public slipways within the Sound and is available to view.

Trying to identify vessels left at our two tender parks continues to cause a problem as QHM require the MLMA to be able to identify all vessels on our fundus. Ken appealed to the members who use the tender parks, if they could ask for the details from any person using an un-marked, vessels if possible.

Ken thanked the Board for their support over the past year and was sure the Board members will continue to monitor activities on and around the fundus to ensure that it can be enjoyed by members and others who wish to use it.

Secretary’s Report

Other than the general annual running of the Moorings Association it has been business as usual.

The Environment Agency when contacted plead that they have no money for improvements to their slip-way even after an incident in the spring. The agency advised the MLMA to tell people not to use the slip-way, this would have been impossible to police as it is a published public slip-way.

Treasurer’s Report

The 2016 accounts were prepared very kindly once again by Chris Knott one of our members, Peter thanked Chris for her help to submit the information required by Companies House.

Peter had produced an easy to read one page summary of the MLMA finances for members present to study and raise any questions if anyone wished, the full version can be found on the web site.

As of the AGM held near the end of the financial year there has been a small decrease in license renewals which has reduced income though only to 2015 levels.

Sufficient funds are available to support modest capital projects therefore the Board do not intend to increase the license fees in 2018.

Data protection regulations are changing in 2018 and the Board is reviewing current practice prior to issuing the new seasons invitations.

Mooring Officer’s Report

James reminded those present at the meeting to please check the details that are written on the license are correct, as Emails, addresses and telephone numbers change over the years, these details are vital to contact the owner if a vessel goes astray.

Over the next year the Board intend to compile a record of local knowledge held about our Fundus and what Members are entitled to do on our fundus. The members were encouraged to discuss this subject with board members during the social part of the evening.

Issues Raised by Member’s

A general discussion took place regarding expanding our boundary to allow more moorings to be given to people who live outside the existing area. James explained that he had many people over the last year asking for moorings that do not live within our area and that we could fill the Lake many times creating waiting lists. The reason we do not want people outside the area is they are then not available if their vessel goes free and then local people are not able to use their own facility.

Any Other Business

There was no other business.

Election of Officer’s

No person came forward at the meeting to take either of the two posts available on the Board.

Bruce Selkirk proposed and Eric Ankers seconded a proposal that the whole Board should be re-elected on mass, the meeting agreed without exception.

Meeting closed at 8.10pm.

Those present enjoyed a social chat with members.

During the evening Matt Black (manager of Voyager Yachts) was invited to become a Board member, he duly excepted, he will attend the first meeting in February.