AGM Minutes 2016

Millbrook Lake Moorings Association Ltd.

Minutes of A.G.M. held in Village Hall on 14th December 2016.

Ken Banks opened the meeting at 7.30pm.the following members present;

Board Members; Ken Banks (chair), Bruce Selkirk (tres), James Buss (moorings), Tony Edwards (fish), Bryan Luxford (sec), Rob Wingate, Paul Elliott, Peter Walker.

Members 24 members present (including Board members).

Members Apologies; Steve Creese, Justin Elworthy, Roland Stuart, Claire and Chris Richards

The minutes of the previous AGM were accepted as a true record.

Proposed- Alastair Spencer, Seconded Eric Ankers.

Chairman’s Report

Ken welcomed those present and gave a resume of the Boards activities over the past year; the re-furbished standing area for tenders at Dexter’s, attending quarterly meetings of the Port of Plymouth Marine Liaison Committee (PPMLC), half yearly Lake Inspections (a stipulation on our Duchy Lease) and the general monitoring of activities of the Lake to ensure that it can be enjoyed by members and others who wish to use it.

The PPMLC has conducted a survey of all the slipways and access ways to the waters within Plymouth Sound area. This includes the slipway which is now considered a health and safety risk due to the erosion caused by the dam sluice. The Environment Agency advised against its use, until the concerns have been resolved. The MLMA are waiting for the EA to convene a meeting to discuss the problem.

Graham Ayers and Board members were thanked by Ken for their help in creating the now tidy and secure boat storage facility at Dexter’s Corner.

The illegal parking on the slip-way at the Lake Dam was bought to the Boards attention. This has been relayed to the Parish Council and Environment Agency for a suitable notice to be displayed.

Steve Creese (the Parish representative) who tried last year to be replaced by the Parish Council, but failed, is moving to Liskeard in January. (an expensive way of resigning!) .Steve has as the Villagers know has been a stalwart for Millbrook and will be sadly missed.

Keith Bousfield also moved away during the year, he was the eyes on the Lake and subsequent detailed inspection reports will be missed.

Paul Elliott joined the Board after just a little arm twisting and has been involved with our projects.

Bruce Selkirk who has been Treasurer for a number of years, then Chairman and Treasurer, then Treasurer only again, was thanked for his dedication to duty by Ken. Peter Walker, who over the past year has been involved with the finances alongside Bruce, intends to replace Bruce as Treasurer.

Ken with the help of the Board will continue monitoring the activities of the Lake to ensure that it can be enjoyed by our members and others who wish to use it.

Secretary’s Report

Bryan found that the notes he had prepared for the meeting were not for some reason in the paperwork he had with him, therefore not every item that he wished to report on was mentioned. (even so he kept his position for another year!)

Routine matters such as; Companies House reports, QHM Lease details, Lake Inspection reports, Minutes of meetings and liaisons with the Parish Clerk have been dealt with over the past year.

The slip-way at the Dam which is the responsibility of the E.A., has been a concern to the Board for some time, not least because of an incident during the summer. The E.A. have asked the MLMA for a site meeting in the new year.

Bryan thanked Bruce for his outstanding ability in making the finances of the MLMA understandable in such a colourful presentation, not only for the Board members at our regular meetings but also for the members present at the Annual General Meetings over the years. During the 6years that Bruce has served on the Board he has been Treasurer then Chairman when at very short notice our previous Chairman moved away, (is there a theme here!) he continued to be Treasurer until Ken joined us and took up the post after a couple of years. On behalf of the whole membership, Bryan thanked Bruce for his contribution to the smooth running of the Association which he leaves in a most organised and healthy financial position.

Treasurer’s Report

Bruce circulated to the members present details of the financial position of the MLMA Ltd. to the end of December 2015 on a number of simplified spreadsheets colour coded to make his presentation easier to follow. Any member wishing to see how the figures are derived was encouraged to contact Bruce, where more individual details can be examined on many spreadsheets.

As the 2016 financial year ends soon after the AGM, Bruce was able to let the membership know that there will be about the same growth of income as 2015 accounts and that there is no need to raise the mooring fees for the 2017-2018 season.

Mooring Officer’s Report

James started his report by thanking Peter for making a spreadsheet that shared all the moorings information with members’ full details and assisting with other I.T. problems.

Transfer in ownership of moorings has been steady over the past season with little change in numbers overall.

QHM expect the MLMA to know the owners of every tender, pram, boat and vessel that we have on our fundus, this includes the site at Dexter’s. The MLMA do not intend to charge for the use of tenders at Dexter’s in the near future but we do need the names of the owners, the members present were encouraged to spread the word.

James ended his report by reminding everyone to check their mooring tackle and keep the MLMA informed of any changes to the details held for their mooring.

Issues Raised by Members

There were none.

Any Other Business

Peter thanked Bruce not only for his contribution on the Board but also for his help in understanding the many different accounts held by the MLMA.

Election of Board Members

The existing Board were re-elected by unanimous approval.

Ken closed the formal part of the meeting at 8.20pm.

All members present were able to enjoy refreshments and a chat with fellow members at the end of proceedings.