AGM 2020

The 2020 MLMA AGM was held remotely on Wednesday 2nd December using Zoom.

Three ordinary members and 5 board members joined the meeting. 28 response forms (with proxy votes) were also received making the meeting quorate for voting purposes.

We would like to thank those members who were able to attend on the day and those who returned proxy forms for their contribution to keeping the MLMA running smoothly in these difficult times.

We would also like to thank Nicky Wilson who provided much needed Zoom support both before and during the meeting.

Any documents relating to the AGM, will be linked from the AGM 2020 page.

Dinghy theft

A green Plastimo dinghy was stolen from the Dexter’s Spit dinghy area this weekend. The dinghy was chained to the galvanised post, so when the thieves stole it on Sunday night they ripped the towing eye from the dinghy breaking the plastic. Please let us know if you see the dinghy and watch out for any suspicious activity.

Using Zoom

The MLMA will be using Zoom to allow meetings to be held remotely. This guide explains how you can join and participate in a Zoom meeting.

To join a Zoom meeting you will need a computer, tablet or smart phone with a working internet connection. The Zoom client software will also need to be installed on the device you plan to use. You can download the Zoom software at

You will also need a microphone in order to speak at the meeting and, optionally, a camera.

To join a meeting follow the link sent to you by the MLMA. You should normally just be able to click on it. Otherwise copy and paste it into your web browser’s address bar. You do not need to create your own Zoom account, you can join the meeting as a guest by following the link.

When you follow the link, your browser will normally ask if it should open it in an application. Make sure  “Zoom” is selected and click on Open Application. The Zoom client should then start.

When you join the meeting your microphone will normally be muted. It is good etiquette to mute your microphone when you are not speaking as it reduces noise for other participants. Don’t forget to unmute when you do wish to speak.

If you need further help with Zoom, many questions are answered on their support page –


Change of Ownership at SouthDown


Southdown Quay has had a colourful and turbulent  industrial heritage. The area has been the site of chemical, soap and brick production.  In the 18th century it was the site of the Kings Brewery until 1835. In the 19th century sulphuric acid was manufactured at Cattewater from burning sulphur ore from Spain. The cinders were shipped to Southdown where Silver and Copper were extracted and the remaining iron ore shipped via other British ports to America.The old Southdown Brick Company finally closed in 1956 and some buildings and chimneys demolished in 1972. There have also been Explosive Compound Works and Gun Powder Production Works and there was a major fire in 1865 associated with these works.


More recent history has concerned the use of Southdown Quay as a Marina. That also has not been without its problems but after operating under a lease for several years, Shaun Huggins has now become the owner of Southdown Marina. He has invested and enhanced the Marina during this time and we wish him well in the future. 

For details of services provided see



Several months ago the MLMA Board approached the Environment Agency with a view to removing the steps on the slip adjacent to the sluice gates. The steps have always proved troublesome when using a car to launch or recover a boat and several members have commented on this. The Agency proposed an inviting offer asking the MLMA to contribute only 10% of the costs. As well as removing the steps they agreed to lay a non-slip surface adjacent to the railings.

In early November 2012 work commenced.Wooden blocks had to be removed with a chain saw and the existing concrete prepared for the new surface. A great deal of drilling and dust!

Many thanks to the Environment Agency who provided the major part of the funds and to David Shorten and the Agency workers for carrying out the work.






 The contribution from the MLMA has since been waived.

A letter of thanks has been sent on behalf of the MLMA and its members.